Complete visual identity for the company

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First step

Brand characteristics and logo design

The main needs from the client were that company needed to be percieved as solid and trustworthy. They also demanded to have “neutral” feeling.

Important aspect of the company is that they have a very complex range of services – that was a major limitation, because it’s often easier and more effective to focus on single thing.

This have lead to making main decision about identity, sky blueish primary color with soft complementary ones, to get that calm yet confident look. This was also reflected in typography choice.

The other core component was the logo itself. I went with a symbol that was driven out of a maze – because company vision was to solve various yet complicated issues of their clients.

On top of that an identity book was being developed.

Second step

Website redesign

As marketing strategy was mainly focused on web, a website redesign was needed. Redesign is kind of too much of a word, because it would imply that some of the stuff from previous site would remain – not in this case.

The process was similar to every web design project for me. It started with gathering as much info as possible to know what or what type of content will be shown on the website as well deciding upon information architecture, in that case, segmeting the importance of specific parts of content.

Next step was making a very generic sketches of potential layout – where I focused on content importance and user flow.


Third step

DTP and digital

There’ve been plenty of assets to design from business cards to car vinyl wraps. Plenty of space to go creative, below you can see few selected items.